A central distribution panel controls the system allowing flexibility to change and move around the telephones, computers, Sound Systems, etc. be it within the same room, or to a different room, as needed, to integrate with your lifestyle.

LexNet cabling system is built into the infrastructure of a residence. It can be adapted for everything from small installations in individual villas to several installations in entire buildings. In an apartment building each apartment can be equipped with its own system to suit the homeowners needs, but it is also connected to the master telecoms/ TV / internet network of the building.

The network is structured so that incoming signals for Telephone, Data, Internet, and Television are connected to a LexNet distribution center. The distribution center is wired to a number of wide-band RJ45 outlets throughout the property.

The more outlets there are in the property, the more flexibility there is to change an outlet from receiving a TV, Internet or a radio signal to another location by simply moving a connection at the distribution center. This gives LexNet an amazing flexibility of open communication standards such as Ethernet (home networking), and any homeowner the advantage to move an Analog/Digital/IP signal throughout the property simply and easily by moving a cable at the distribution center.

LexNet is also compatible with other networks, and is able to support upgrades and new modules as technology moves forward. LexNet is the only 3rd party cabling system that is approved and certified for Bang & Olufsen, making LexNet a preferred partner. However, LexNet will also work with other brands. A small investment in LexNet provides a return on investment for being technology-ready while providing the homeowner with many happy years of comfort.