As a very basic definition, home automation is anything that lets you automatically control things around the home by using a simple remote, the computer, or built in intelligence. The possibilities are endless and can be as simple as controlling the light settings with different moods and options, or as elaborate as lights and soft music turning on as you walk into the room. Then, as you sit on your sofa and press one button on the remote, the lighting dims, the blinds close, and the surround sound turns on. All that’s left is the popcorn where the popcorn machine can also be controlled by LexControl!

With the Bang & Olufsen Home Theater & Entertainment center, imagine replacing all those remotes with one Bang & Olufsen remote and the LexControl System. One remote can control the lights, sound, and security in any room by simply pressing one button or with a touch of an icon on the touch screen.

For those who want more comfort and convenience, a LexControl intelligent installation can also be programmed to provide a customized control of electrical appliances, heating, and ventilation.

LexControl also provides Safety and Security features that can detect and monitor smoke, heat, gas, water, and burglar alarms and can alert you and/or your loved ones if there is an emergency situation. This can save money on security monitoring services and can also, as an example, prevent extensive damages that an undetected water leak may cause.

“ In a rush in the morning you arrive at work to realize you have left the garage door open, the iron on, and didn`t lock the door in your haste to get to the office.” LexControl allows you to communicate and control your home from the office or anywhere in the world through your telephone or internet. LexControl provides a fully integrated home that protects, acts, and communicates with you, even when you are away.

Simple to setup and flexible to use, LexControl improves the home experience and drives sales for property by offering a unique package of benefits, adding value, comfort, safety, and security to the home. The homeowners are able to tailor LexControl according to their requirements, then change and upgrade as needed for optimal comfort and protection.