The system is also an extremely flexible solution for the pre-cabling housing property developments with both single-source, multi-source audio distribution and control, all via LexNet Cabling infrastructure.

LexAudio contains everything that is required for an installation of a 5.1 In-Ceiling Home Theater System. LexAudio provides ease of control through elegant infrared handsets or through multi-source keypads or elegantly designed touch screens, thus providing source selection of inputs together with volume control.

Every LexAudio Modular multi-room system will contain at least one active loudspeaker. The speaker drive units are carefully matched to a high efficiency class D amplifier specified to deliver first class quality hi-fi sound. The Modular components are designed to be fixed to the wall in unobtrusive places.

The LexAudio Zone amplifiers are designed as an alternative to amplified speakers e.g. outdoor speakers; alternative brands of in-ceiling speaker; where there is a requirement to drive floor standing or box speakers.

LexAudio is now the defacto standard throughout Europe. The advanced system builds new levels of functionality and compatibility with LexSystems. The multi-source multi-zone distribution ensures different audio programs can be selected simultaneously, with independent controls in different rooms.

“Entertaining guests for the evening, LexAudio lets you control the sound throughout the home. Have the dining area softly play dinner music, play your favourite music collection at the living room; and upstairs, the children have MTV or have connected their IPod to play within their space.”